Custom Alloy Boat Loaders

Made here in QLD, from Australian Structural Aluminium. We specialise in Custom Built Alloy Boat Loaders, Trays, Canopies and Campers, everything is done in house at our 1200m2 factory. Dynamic Engineering Boat Loaders allow you to load and unload your Roof Topper easily and safely by yourself, using our TJM 12v winch setup.

Our custom design is light weight and low profile, they can also be used as a roof rack for everyday use, carrying work


We have 2 sizes in our Alloy Boat Loaders. Small suits up to 1550mm Beamed Boat and Large suits up to 1800mm Beamed Boat.

Our racks are designed to carry any size Boat, if your car roof is rated to carry it then our boat loader will do it with ease.

They are available in Raw Alloy or Powder Coated Black. The mesh floor is great for carrying those other bits and pieces needed for your Roof Topper. We use all stainless steel fittings with our rope system.

Our Boat loaders are inter changeable with any vehicle, all you need is roof bars similar to the Rhino Heavy duty bars. So no stress if you’re upgrading your car, your boat loader will fit straight onto any type of vehicle. Our Boat Loaders are maintenance free unlike other Loaders on the market, as we don’t have any moving parts other than the TJM winch.

Fitting is so simple, all you require is 6 bolts to fit it straight to your existing Rhino roof rack (or similar).

In your kit you receive –