Camper Options and Extras

Discover how you can add extra comfort and convenience to your camper Who said that you have to rough it and go without all the creature comforts when you go camping with your slide on camper? Not us and not you and that’s why you can always add extra comfort and convenience to your camper.

You want the right camper options and we deliver!

You tell us what you want in your slide on camper and we’ll work hard to deliver exactly what you want. The list below are just some of the extras that we can add to your slide on camper to give you the creature comforts you need..

  • Air conditioning in the sleeping area.

  • Extra door on one or both sides.

  • Your choice of door or no door at the rear.

  • Partitions for front compartment, kitchen or bedroom and for separate storage compartments.

  • Overhead lockers fitted into partitions for additional storage.

  • Windows on the sides, front or rear can be fixed or sliding .

  • Part or all of the interior can be lined and/or insulated.

  • The exterior of the slide on camper can be painted  to match the colour of your vehicle.

  • The slide on camper can be supplied with a demountable pack rack that is either the same length as the camper or over hang.

  • Jacks (with or without wheels) to enable the easy removal of the slide on camper from your vehicle can be supplied.

  • A false floor with drawers can be fitted to the bedroom and lined with an attractive trunk liner.

  • A lockable security box can be built in so that your valuables can be stowed safely.

  • A vented and lockable gas locker that is completely sealed and separate from the rest of the slide on camper can be fitted.

  • 12 volt lighting and power outlets outside and/or inside the slide on camper as well as on the doors can be fitted.

  • 240 volt power with circuit breakers and outlets to suit your requirements can be installed and certified.

  • Water tanks to meet your specifications can be fitted.

  • Insect screens can be fitted along with annexes and awnings to give your camper the added comfort that you need.

Many more options are available so call
07 4124 8898 for more information.