Ute Canopies & Trays

Discover the affordable lightweight solution when you need a ute canopy or ute tray.

When you need a strong, sturdy and secure copy for your ute the first option to consider are the aluminium ute canopies and trays built by Dynamic Slide On Campers and Canopies.

You will benefit from our years of experience in custom-building ute canopies for a wide range of applications because we know what people want when they’re looking for ute canopies.

Custom built to your requirements

You will get maximum access with side or rear doors and every unit is designed to keep the interior protected from the elements.

We also ensure that the interior is secure so that whatever you carry in the back of your ute is as safe as it can be from those who might want to take your property.

Designed to fit any sized ute or light truck

There are a number of options that you can have added to our ute canopies  and trays. We can cater for any special requirements that you might have and we can even fit a custom-made canopy to your trailer.

When you need a canopy or tray for your short or long-wheelbase 4WD, 2WD ute, truck or trailer then our custom-built ute canopies are the perfect solution for you.

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the affordable solution for your ute canopy.